Gift certificate accommodation - a joy to receive, a joy to give!

Tip: Such a gift card is perfect to give away as a Christmas gift!
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Gift card experience!

Give away a fantastic gift in these treetop cabins in Ringsaker . Enter information about you, the person you want to give the gift card to, and the desired amount. We will contact you by e-mail and collect payment via Vipps. When this is done, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. Treatment time up to 2 days. If you want to look at the different cabins first, click here !

Your name

Your e-mail

your telephone number

Name of the recipient

Choose the type of gift card

The amount on the gift card

Optional additional information

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norwegian holiday with children

Choice of gift card

Here at Faråsen Tretoppgård we offer

two types of gift cards!

Gift certificate via Email

The simple is often the best! Here you will receive the gift card by email shortly before ordering. Then you can print out the gift card yourself and leave your personal "touch". Below you see what the gift card you get looks like. (If it is urgent or you do not have a printer, we can enter from / to names digitally, so that you can send the gift card to them by email. If this is desired, leave a message stating that you want a digital signature)

Faråsen Deluxe Gift Card (COMING SOON)

That little extra! Here we will send you a Deluxe gift card in the mail. This is for you who want to make an extra good impression. Below you see the gorgeous design of the Deluxe Gift Card. We will send the Deluxe gift card in the mail the first working day after ordering. Please note that normal shipping time is two to seven working days, it is best to order well in advance.

Practical information on use

There will be a unique code on the gift card. Anyone who has received the gift card can then go to our website and book any treetop cabin at any time within the valid time frame. When you have arrived at the booking details, you will be able to insert this unique code which will automatically deduct from the given sum. Order your gift card for the experience of the ages today! 

NB: Gift cards will not be refunded.

Gift card experience

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