Pictures of Tretopphytter Ringsaker

Enjoy our fantastic pictures of the treetop cabins, hidden away among the treetops, in one with nature. Enjoy your stay at the private gapahukene at the foot of the treetop cabins. Here you can grill, bathe and just enjoy the tranquility of nature.

Pictures from inside the Tretopphyttene

See photos of the inside of the treetop cabins. Designed to create the ultimate feeling of living in harmony with nature, while having the element of luxury - an unbeatable combination! See for yourself

Pictures of nature, people and animals

Faråsen Tretoppgård is so much more than just treetop cabins. See the pictures of everything else you can experience from booking through us.

video treetop cabins

Do you want to see videos of our treetop cabins:

Faråsen Tretoppgård - Summertime:

Faråsen Tretoppgård - Summer recap:

Faråsen Tretoppgård - Winter video:

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