Short-haul food - The juiciest meat you can think of

We sell short-distance food directly from the farm. We offer i.a. steaks, steaks, minced meat and burgers. Normally we sell these in 10 kg packages, but for our overnight guests we can offer products in smaller packages that can be enjoyed during the stay.

Our pure minced meat without added salt or water is perfect for tacos, and the farm's delicious burgers and juicy steak are lovely to toss on the grill or in the pan. We will also be able to offer completely fresh eggs for breakfast from the farm's own hens. All this can be ordered together with the booking.

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Meat order

Here you can order meat for your own use at home, or delivered at check-in when you rent one of our treetop cabins.
The amount You tip to us in advance and marked with what you want.

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    Choose which products you want to buy:

    Burgers (160 g) - 50 kr pr. pcs. (purchased only in 4-pack)
    Minced meat - NOK 160 per. kg.
    Beef (ass. Selection, 1 kg) - NOK 450 pr. kg. The steak comes in plus / minus a few grams
    Eggs - 5 ISK each

    If you want to order more than one per product, write the number you want per product in a message here:

    Are you going to pick up the meat yourself, or should it be delivered to one of our treetop cabins?

    get selfDelivered to cabin